Last month I bemoaned my bizarre summer experiences. The one thing I mentioned that kept me going was knowing that all of my family was still well, healthy, “OK”, as we say. I should have known better. Suddenly, the other shoe dropped. Shortly after my July blog posted, I received word, while on a trip to New York, that my grandmother was in the hospital due to a heart attack. As I sat in my hotel room alone, I thought, prayed, read my Bible, and then cried. But I was able to be, and feel, grateful. She was going to make it.
If you have someone in your life that you consider your rock, your haven, your solace, you can relate to my pain at that moment of realization. This is the one person I don’t think I could handle losing. At least not at this point. Not now.
The irony is this. I am very aware that at some point, she will head home. For good. And I do try to prepare for it, emotionally, and spiritually. I realize that passing into eternity is something we tend not to dwell on too much. I guess I learned it early. My father passed away when I was eight years old. And too, I remember a youth pastor saying when I was young, that we are all terminal, really. Not to be morose, but think about it. We will all “slip the surly bonds” at some point. We all simply don’t know how–or when.
I can honestly tell you, I am at peace as I write this. Easy? No. Is this the only challenge in my life at this time? No. Are there struggles and pains I don’t burden you with? Absolutely. But for now, this situation is one worth sharing.
The point to make here is this: the hard reality of mortality is there for each of us to consider. With the 5th anniversary of 9/11 behind us now, I am sure we may find it a bit more possible to grasp. At least perhaps more than we did prior to that horrific day. My hope for you is that you know, as my grandmother does, and as I do, where you will land when that happens.
As I sit here writing, a very well-known politician has just passed into eternity. The cable news station I have on in the background is mourning her loss. As will many. I hope she has wakened on the other side – in the arms of Jesus.
I challenge you to consider your future. Not the one you work so hard for and plan for here, but the one hereafter. It’s the best investment you can make, this side of heaven.