I never planned to write this blog. I wanted to be married. Happily married I might add. So married? Not so much. But happy? Yes, actually. Thus, these ponderables.
What you are now scanning and in the days ahead is nothing more than a blathering of thoughts that I have jotted down when the muse struck. The original intent was to share these nuggets of wit and wisdom with my not-yet-married friends. To encourage them. To promote discussion. And to just plain give them an opportunity to let off steam when needed.
But it soon became clear that there was a heartfelt message that I truly wanted to get out to you the any-single girl who is asking, “Does anyone else out there feel this way? Am I the only one that’s been through this? Do other single gals think like me?”
I have good news for you. You are not alone. Every thought that you have felt, and might be feeling now, has been felt before, and will be felt again, by one of your single sisters. This oft times unique path of ours is just a journey you know. An uncharted course really at that. And to be honest, at times, it can be pretty hilarious. But since it’s always easier and more enjoyable to experience the adventure with someone, (fully understanding that you may not be in the mood to embrace this single lifestyle as yet) I am going to invite you into the inner sanctum of my life and mind and into the lives of a few of some amazing single gals that have come into my realm.
In the paragraphs that lie ahead, I will attempt to address your questions, acknowledge your fears and assure you that no matter where you are at this time in your life, you will not only survive this season, but you will come to find that you can thrive while in it.
The information we will consider, side by side, is derived from hours of phone conversations that I have personally had with other non-married gals at all times of the day and night, regardless of what city or time zone I was in or when the call came. And, too, from multitudinous heart to heart chats at various and sundry eateries and coffee locations around town. Other parts will be plain ‘ol sharing of what I do personally to make this solo lifestyle work for me. And I am happy to divulge it. For the good of the order, of course.
If I can tempt you, keep that laptop handy, curl up in that sofa, favorite chair, or that luxurious airline seat (preferably in the unlocked and seated position) and join me for some much needed girl time. We’ll call it Chix Chat.
Through the written wisdom that awaits you below, (you can insert smile here), and in the days ahead, I will ask you to understand and believe that there are other ladies out there that do not feel that they are a mere incomplete jigsaw puzzle with a gaping hole in the middle that screams, “The last piece is missing!” Nope. These girls, (that you are going to come to know), are women, just like you and me, that are learning to successfully navigate their way as a party of one in a table-for-two-sized world.
Come back as you can.