Don’t you get tired of answering that question? If you are anything like me, I would imagine that you have, many times more than not, come to feel that you are the quintessential fifth wheel in your little corner of the world.  But if the statistics that I shared below are any revelation, you just had the epiphany that you are actually becoming part of an increasingly well-noted majority. You are becoming the norm.  Not that you planned it this way, not that we wanted it to be this way. The truth is, however, the world of  “coupledom” that civilizations were built on, and that many of us so winsomely long for, is rapidly dwindling in size and popularity. Singleness is on the rise and the experts are beginning to frantically search for answers.

In 2002 alone there were already 904 dating services. Did you see that? Almost 1,000 back then. You know those elite dating expert advertisements in the Airline magazines that are in the seat pocket in front of you on the plane? I just love those. I always look to see if the gal in the photo that runs the company (and it’s usually a woman that owns the business) is herself sporting a diamond ring.  Note to self: rarely if ever.  Hmmmmm.

My 94-year old grandfather and I were chatting about this recently. He believes that there were more opportunities to mingle back in his day. There were get-togethers, picnics, parades and more. The church social was an expected and a-must-attend event. Their culture was built on a type of fellowship and social-gathering mentality.  That is why he feels they married more.  He reminded me that he met my grandmother at a dance (where they served punch!). He feels it’s not like that as much today.  That our generation is more isolated and alone most of the time.

He’s right. I for one work at home.  If I want to socialize, I have to make the effort.

But back to our single stats.  Perhaps it is the divorce rate, or the fact that people are marrying later in life, or just flat out marrying up*, whatever the case, there is a lot of singleness going on. Not sure we have concluded the exact reasons, at least on a national and cultural level. But there is one thing I know most women view singleness not only as a disease or illness, but if the truth be known, they see it as a curse.

* Marrying Up:  The art of disposing of one’s current spouse for a better, sleeker, or richer model.

See you tomorrow!