Even family and friends, whether unaware, or not, relay the impression that if you are single, you are half a person waiting for, if not desperately seeking, your missing part.  Or, they leave you wondering if you are perhaps incapable of properly developing  and maintaining a relationship. They, perhaps inadvertently, sometimes have a way of making you feel that you are finding yourself in this situation because you have simply brought it upon yourself.  And who knows, maybe they’re right.


No wonder women run around on a daily basis acting as if they are a walking jig saw puzzle with a glaring person-shaped-hole as the missing piece. If some of my recent conversations with a few of my friends are any indication, many adorable and talented gals are frantically searching for and trying to stuff members of the opposite sex into their “incomplete” life-picture.

I find it interesting when, I, the “incomplete” person, come across married people that are “complete” wrecks.


So here’s the deal.  If this is the accepted form of thinking (my being incomplete) in the new world of singledom, how on earth is a perfectly functional, intelligent being supposed to survive, if not thrive – if even exist?


Well, for those of us still alive and well, I say hang in there. My goal is to come along side of you in hopes that you will not freeze in paralysis, bemoan your lifestyle of freedom, and question your past decisions.  Stop mourning your ice cream and DVD infused dateless weekends my friend and join me in discovering that:

 1) You are not alone,

 2) There is a world out there that awaits your brains and beauty, and

3) You will not only survive this stage of your life but will find yourself a fulfilled member of this not so new, but very trendy, people group.

Tomorrow, you will meet a few of my very adorable, successful, single friends.  See you then!