Had the distinct privilege of sitting in on the taping of an upcoming PBS special for Dr. Daniel G. Amen (of the book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.) It will air this December.  I highly suggest it!  Wow. Talk about enlightening.  I had no idea people could scan your brain, diagnosis a situation, and then work with you to correct and improve it.  And what I am referring to is ADD, ADHD, Depression, Drug Addiction, Mental Illness and more.  It was amazing.  You can find what the brain needs in regards to repair, and actually assist the brain in the repairment process.  It was truly stunning. They are experiencing unbelievable results.
I realized that we take our little cranial organ quite for granted really. I have to admit, brain food now means more to me than it did 24 hours ago. I literally got into the car after the taping and headed to the grocery store. You should know the list I now held in my hand was not the one that matches what usually goes into the cart. And I eat healthy!  “Let me see, Zinc, Fish Oil, Sage, Lavendar Oil, Omega 3 supplements, Green Tea…” and down the list I went. (If you don’t have a Whole Foods…good luck! The Apple Farm didn’t quite cut it at 10pm at nite.)  But I digress.
One of my favorite lines from the evening was that Dr. Amen will require men who date his daughters more than 4 months to have a scan! That is awesome. Don’t you wish we could scan the men that come into our lives?  It would make life so much easier.  Well, Ok, maybe not. But it’s a GREAT thought.  Just think about it for a minute. The future of dating, (or social networking) could include a requirement (or option) to post the results of your scan!  That would limit your “connections” you can bet. Talk about weeding out!
For now, those of us not willing to shell out the $3,000 for the scan (and make the trip to his clinics) will have to wait until they are available at the local clinic or Red Box. (just kidding.)
Just some food for thought.