An email came through recently where a concerned mother that is very dear to me was sharing about some odd things happening to her daughter of late. Apparently, the daughter, who is married with children, had been having trouble sleeping. The youngest child too was having trouble. Even more strange, the daughter had been experiencing bizarre things happening in the home. Mostly during the night. The baby of the family being affected by them as well. Though both were in separate rooms.
So, the email simply asked that I pray. I didn’t get the email, however until after returning to the house from a late evening with friends. I cranked up the laptop and and began going through the inbox at around 1:00 am. My time of praying for this daughter didn’t start until between the 1:30am to 2:00am slot when I was finally getting ready for bed.
The next morning, naturally I checked in to see how the night had gone in regards to this situation. I let the requesting party know that I had indeed prayed and I told her what time I had been praying. Here was her response:
“Funny, we were praying at the same time. I woke up at 1:30 praying also. That’s something, isn’t it? I thought it was time go get up, and was wide awake so I went into the kitchen to start to make coffee then looked at the clock. I saw it was 1:30 in the morning, went back to bed, but started praying. Kinda neat both of us were praying.”
Not only “kinda neat” kind of amazing if you ask me. But then, when God is involved, should we really be so surprised?
On a side note, it’s nice to know that God was awake too. Hearing our prayers. Yet, thinking about us at the same time. If you have a moment, you might revisit chapter 139 of the book of Psalms. You can focus on verses 17 and 18, but the entire section is well worth the read.
Sleep well. And if you find that you are awake, say a prayer. He’s up and He’s listening.