There are some people in your life that don’t really surface until there is some juicy form of gossip to either be learned or shared. They aren’t a part of your social life or your day to day life. They don’t know what you’re up to or even how you’ve been doing. And they don’t really care if truth be told. However, suddenly, on occasion, they will appear. When they do, you can pretty much know that they have not “popped” in to simply say hello.
Usually, the rumor mill can be a perk. It’s during the divulging of that hidden information that you generally learn about what is going on behind the scenes. And too, it can, at times, be a blessing by simply proving that the people who think they are in the know, usually aren’t.
Rumors can be very dangerous. And it is a wonder why they are such a draw to us humans. But if you think about it, the whole thing makes some very sad sense. If knowledge is power, and it is, then those who gather a bit of knowledge suddenly feel, well, powerful. And they enjoy wielding that power. Unfortunately, it’s not a power that lasts and it’s usually not power properly used.
There is a book in the New Testament called James. The third chapter in that book discusses the power of the tongue likening it to a flame with potential for a terrible forest fire. Yes, the tongue can do great harm. May we strive to use our tongues today for great good and healing, rather than hurt. Now, wouldn’t that be something to talk about.