Ok, so if you aren’t Jewish, this one is probably going to be a bit new and possibly even a stretch for you. But if you are of shall we say, Hebrew descent, than you are well aware that today is the beginning of year 5769– on the Jewish Calendar. To those of us with our office product, store bought day-timers, the holiday reads ROSH HASHANAH.
If you’re up for a quick cultural lesson, for those of you into that sort of thing, sunset this past Monday through sunset this evening was known as the Feast of Trumpets. Rosh HaShanah. The Jewish New Year. And besides the usual celebration and merriment that comes with any type of new year, this particular holiday reflects on the seriousness of sin and begins to weigh on the hearts of the Jewish people.
God gave the children of Israel seven feasts by the way. (See Leviticus Chapter 3). And, as we approach the fall of the year, we are about to start the season of the Tabernacles Festival. I have a friend who has created the most amazing “tabernacle” in his backyard. The decore and the design is truly biblically based. His family eats in it, sleeps in it and from what I understand various and sundry good things go on in this outdoor house that he has created. (Talk about camping out in the backyard! This is the ultimate to be sure). If you are not familiar with this part of the festival, you really should google it when you have a moment. It’s very cool. I get tabernacle envy everytime he sends me photos of their latest addition to this masterpiece.
But back to the moment, during this time of reflection, may we too look back and consider what has transpired over the weeks behind us, and look ahead with newness and hope to the days that are set to come. I know I am ready for something fresh and new. And a time of celebration and harvest is more than welcome.