It was a special feature on a Sunday morning show and was focusing on the most beautiful “ugly” people and things. Fascinating piece to be sure. The moment that struck me most, however, and that has lingered in my mind, came when they interviewed the man who heads up an agency that sells ugly people. You heard me right. He makes money off of their–ugly. Hmmmmm.
The owner showed a woman, in black lingere, who was about 300 pounds or more.. He went on to say that she was the happiest, most enjoyable client that they have. The office loves it when she comes in. I was mesmerized.
So I got to thinking. According to the amazingly successful, positive, mental-attitude, power brokers of our day, we all sell something. Husbands and wives sell who they are if not their latest idea or goal to each other. We sell our next idea or project at the office. We sell our plan to the foundation or board that whom we are currently working. But in the end, what really does the selling is of course our–confidence.
What “sold” this obese woman to her now agency, and to those who are now buying her “look” is confidence. She liked who she was and in turn, they liked her. They bought it. In their minds, she had made fabulous lemonade out of what the average Joe would certainly label as sour lemons. And if she was so comfortable with her self, why not the world in turn?
Confidence is key, to be sure. With that, whatever it is today or this week. that you need to do, sell it with confidence. Whatever you aren’t looking forward to, get out there and confidently sell it. Fake it if you have to up front. But do it. And see what happens. (You also might to check and be sure that you are spending time with confident people. Remember, we become like those with whom we associate.)
“Make it work, people. Make it work!” as the beloved Tim Gunn from Project Runway likes to say. And we know, no one sells it quite like Tim!