Ok, so this one won’t be for our male audience today. For my girls, here goes…
If you’ve heard about or seen the movie by this title, Mean Girls, you will totally get this next few paragraphs. If not, I would still bet it won’t be too foreign of a topic for you. It’s when I see clips from this film or moments in television shows playing out this evil scenario that I come to relive a memory or two of what went on in junior high and high school. In those brief moments I, too, remember that I had to deal with those “types” of girls growing up.
You know the ones. They just can’t stand to see you succeed. Or, if you don’t’ dress like they do or live the lifestyle they live, you are deemed inferior. Your jokes just aren’t as funny as theirs or the most popular girl isn’t your friend, it’s their best friend – and you’re not. Whatever. Bringing back any memories from childhood?
But that is just what gets to me. I really thought that you left those mean girls behind once you entered adulthood. Silly me. I thought people actually did just that. Grow up.
But alas. Some do not. I was sharing with one of my girl friends recently about a gal that just can’t stand to congratulate, encourage, or compliment me. On the contrary, she has to get in little digs when a simple pat on the back truly is in order. My friend simply had this response after I finished sharing my confusion at this situation: “She’s a bully.”
Another friend of mine was relaying to me recently the abuse she has been personally taking of late. I am amazed at the antics and juvenile behavior that exudes from some women. Yes, the “grown-up, mean girls” of our lovely world. You know the ones. They gossip about you and work to make your life miserable. But you can’t seem to figure out why. What I find most interesting, however, is that what they accuse you of, they seem to have mastered as an art form.
Ok, so enough negativity, but what I am attempting to say is this, the next time someone gets their fix or their kicks out of bringing angst to your life, rather than let it ruffle your feathers take this approach: Pity them. Feel sorry for the people that share the same household or office that they do. (Imagine what those folks nearest the offender are actually going through!) It just might ease some of your pain. The point is, if someone is bound and determined to upset you or keep you “humble”, then they are certainly dealing with some major stuff of their own.
So, next time that “mean one” comes at you, just take a deep breath. Then sit back, relax and keep all hands and arms inside the car while traveling. Life is a bit of a ride to be sure, but please, don’t let any of these Les Miserables throw you from the train!
Just my thoughts.