Well, it’s the day after the election, and I guess protocol demands that I, as a blogger, comment on that monumental event. So, I will.
First, the reason people flock to America is because we aren’t like any other country. Or else they would stay where they are. But for some reason, there’s a huge sector of our citizenry that is determined to change us into anything but what we are, were, or were built on.
Second, I was stunned that the state of Tennessee saw an opposite reaction election night. Though the American people put a Democrat in the most powerful office of our land, the people of Tennessee put Republicans in the majority in both their state’s house and senate. Hmmmmm.
Third, I am from California, and this info even stunned me. Californians rejected the following propositions: 1) A sewage plant to be named after George W. Bush, 2) Same sex marriage rights and 3) The discontinuation of ROTC on campuses.
So, it was quite an interesting night to be sure. The people are sending some messages. Though I would have to admit, a bit mixed.
I am now old enough to have lived through a few elections that I have closely followed. After one of them I wore black for three days. I was ruined. Distraught. Ironically, I survived. And so did my country. My grandmother has seen twice as many elections as I have. And she is still here. And so is her country.
The fact that I am learning? No matter who is elected, we can and will survive this period of time. One man is not going to bring down what God hath wrought. In my opinion, Providence brought the United States of America into being and has managed to preserve our union when we did everything in our power to divide it  (remember the Civil War?). We are going to be here until He is ready to take us out.
A friend of mine who is an author and speaker put it best, “God must have been praying for Obama.” Then she states, “See Romans 13:1”. That passage in the New Testament reads like this: Everyone must submit to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist are instituted by God. (www.JenniferSchuchmann.com).
And with that, I leave you with your thoughts. May they lead you on to the greater good.