It’s the week after the election and as much as there is cheering and celebration in the streets for one side of the aisle, there is always weeping and gnashing of teeth behind the closed doors of the opposing party.
Any time your team loses, it hurts. Bad. And, for those of you who feel pleased with the outcome of this recent election, you will have to remember back to when the shoe was on the other foot.
For those of you feeling the agony of defeat, this is not the end of the world. I repeat, this is not the end of the world. Now, don’t misunderstand. Hear my point.  Just like the Super Bowl, there will always be one winner and one loser. At the end of the day, only one team gets to wear the ring.
No matter who you are, no matter what team you root for, or what you believe, when there is any type of contest, one side will emerge the winner and the other will go home with their tail between their legs. We can’t win all of the time. It’s just the nature of things. At some point, you just lose. Any adult should come to understand that lesson and work to embrace it.
During the times of loss, however, can in the end become the most precious. It’s when the team is forced to review the tapes and discover just exactly what went wrong. And, if they want to win, they begin to strategize and make their future plans.
Sure. Sometimes the other side cheats. And cheaters do at times win. But then, if truth be told, the win is not as sweet. It wasn’t earned. Too, other times, the opponent is so angry that when they do win, you almost feel sorry for them. Their anger completely exceeded the rationale and the point of the game. And their lack of sportsmanship ends up the biggest loser overall.
If you are ever that desperate to win, step back a moment and take stock as to why. Are you really willing to break the rules to get what you want? And if so, what is the point of the win? You will never be able to say, “We won this fair and square.” It will always be a tainted victory. Is your character and your reputation really worth putting on the line, just for the trophy at the end?
Next time you are in a situation where your team is in the big contest, take some time to rethink the entire scenario. Why are you on that team? Or, why do you really support that team? Will the win truly bring about a life change for you personally? Will a loss bring about your ruin? Only you know the answers.
But in the sad times, when the loss weighs heavy, remember to circle the wagons, call back the troops, revisit the films, whatever analogy works best for you. Then, start the campfire, have a few toasted marshmallows, remember why you are there in the first place, then get ready for the next round. And do what you have to do to take that next hill! You can do it. But determine to do it with integrity, dignity and grace.
Just my thoughts.