If feels like just a bit ago that I pulled off the freeway in Arkansas to get that much needed Starbucks fix. I was traveling home from my holiday visit with the family when that very cool home store also caught my eye. As a female who likes to live up to that part of the species, I just had to go in. I was not disappointed. Crossing the threshold of the retail center I was welcomed by those wonderful 75% off sale signs and well, you know, as a girl, there’s something genetic about a price tag that low. You just have to respond. So I dutifully did.
A few moments later I was hauling two 4-foot, silk Amaryllis plants to my car. When I reached the already overstuffed vehicle I was greeted by my very pitiful dog who was peering at me through the back seat window. At this point, there had been very little room if any left for him when we began the journey. And now, I was going to try to put eight more feet of whatever it was into the car with him. The look on his face was, “So, are you planning on tying me to the roof, because as of now, my back right leg is already in my left ear.”
I stood there a moment wondering if that wasn’t such a bad idea, but then I knew a better solution was in order. Just what, I wasn’t exactly sure. Nine hours later we pulled into the driveway. My hairy hound unfolded his furry body and limped out of the car while I began to strategize the unloading procedures.
After 45 minutes, the deed was done. The boxes and bags now waiting my attention at the doorway loomed ever larger. It took about a month, but I finally succeeded in finding room for each of the precious items I had hauled all the way from Texas. (Along with the very pliable pooch, of course.)
Then, this morning, I found myself back in that same storage area thinking, “I just got these in here, and now I have to take them out?” It was quite a stressful moment. But is quickly passed. When I pictured the house in full regalia, and the counter tops full of wonderful ingredients awaiting those precious recipes, the pain disolved into peace and contentment.
Yes, it truly is the most wonderful time of year. And that is exactly what I plan to do. I will create Thanksgiving and Christmas in my home and make it special. It’s up to me. No one will arrive on my doorstep, decorations in tow, and set up the house. That’s my job. And a welcomed one at that.
With that, during this next week, all of the stash will make its way up the stairs and into the living areas of my home. A job I certainly will enjoy, to be sure.
So here’s to thankfulness and merriness for at least the next 40 or so days.
Chat soon.