As I entered the store to pick up the item I had left for repair, I could not have imagined the conversation with the customer service person that was about to unfold.
After helping him locate my vacuum, we headed to the front counter. It was then that we heard something in the back room fall, and we looked at each other. Both us knew he and I were the only ones in the store. “That’s been happening a lot lately,” he exclaimed. He then quickly walked over to a shelf and proceeded to tell me about how a few other items mysteriously had been falling in the front show room as well.
I began to casually ask some simple questions. Which led to deeper levels of discussion as he seemed very engaged in the process. Within time, he shared that his mother had gone to a psychic when she was pregnant with him which resulted in quite a litany of details. Like what the baby’s height would be, the color of his eyes, and that he would grow up to change the world. “That last part’s not exactly happening right now.” He replied a bit sheepishly. I learned that he had a trust fund, was a college graduate and was going to head off to Central America for 10 days in about a week or so. While still employed in this sales job. Which seemed to keep promoting him.
But it was the story about the six to seven foot creature dressed in deep black that appeared at the edge of his bed pacing one night when he was a child, that caught my attention. We chatted a bit about that harrowing experience, and he admitted he’d only told one other person. He asked me what I thought about that experience.
“Well,” I carefully replied, while breathing a quick prayer for wisdom, “I can tell you this. There is definitely a spiritual realm. As you have now experienced. You don’t have to believe that it is true. You can believe the sky is green if you want to. But your chosen belief doesn’t make it a reality. There are definitely two sides. And both play for keeps.”
His eyes were glued to me at this point, and he asked what I suggested. Naturally, this young man was bright. He had accomplished some 400 level math or physics, or something. And if you are a numbers person, you probably know what that means. Truly a sharp cookie. So I encouraged him to give the Bible a try. “Just read it to enjoy it,” I shared. “Try starting with the book of John, and don’t over analyze it. Don’t try to prove anything. Let it talk to you.” He marveled at this prescription. But I assured him, he’d find it worth his time.
When he reached out to shake my hand and thank me, I did notice that he looked a bit more relaxed than he had a few minutes earlier. It was as if a big question had been addressed, and perhaps an answer was out there. Waiting just for him. I assured him, there was. And that when he found it, there would be peace.
“So, there’s no gray in that realm, eh?” he asked. “Nope. Not in their world.” I smiled. “There are definitely two sides, like I said. And they both play for keeps. You can choose either one. But when it’s all said and done, and you get to the other side? I can tell you that one of them will be a much better deal.”
With that, we said our goodbyes and I headed out the door. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I couldn’t imagine what other adventures might lie ahead. After all, I had just gone out to run an errand. Who knew?