I came across a newsletter that shared a story within a story. It was quite dramatic. So I thought it of interest to share with you.
“…my name is Raul. I am a Hispanic, I am a Republican, and I live in the GREATEST country in the world and I’m proud of it. Why do I love the United States of America? Because of its people, because of its Christian values and because of its form of capitalist Government. You see capitalism encourages faith, family, freedom, and fiscal responsibility.
For those who don’t know me I was born in Havana Cuba. My family and I escaped when I was young because we hated extreme socialism (Communism) and the bondage it imposed on its people. We came to the greatest country in the World; the United States of America. After a couple of years my grandmother used to sit us down every year and tell us a story.
It was about a young charismatic, articulate speaker who took the country by storm. He would go from town to town preaching his “gospel of change”. His “change” promised redistribution of wealth, where everyone would prosper and flourish. Every time he made a speech his support grew larger and larger. In fact his support grew so large that the crowds finally put him in power.
Well, as soon as he took control and became the leader of the country, he quickly began his plan of “change”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the “change” the people were expecting.
He took control of the banks and businesses, and quickly got rid of any executives who disagreed with his way of thinking. He took control of the schools to start indoctrinating the children with his leftwing agenda. He took control of the churches and thus minimizing their influence on the people and their lives. He took the people’s guns thus eliminating any chance of revolt to his ever increasing power over the land. And then he also created a nationalized healthcare system which ultimately turned into a nationwide rationed healthcare system.
And he did all this very quickly under the umbrella of “change”.
Who was this ruler?
Fidel Castro. ”
Food for thought.