Many of you may be familiar with the reality TV show that was called The Simple Life.  It featured Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.  They would travel to the more rural areas, at times, and experience life outside of the Gucci and Prada set. 

Now, I have been to Arkansas quite a few times, a place they visited. But nothing is as truly “simple” as the areas where you find the Amish.

My mother loves to devour any fiction book that features the Amish in its theme, so, as she was visiting, I figured it would be fun to take her down to the Amish community a few miles away.

I can tell you, there is nothing quite like the beauty of those gorgeous horses elegantly trotting as they pull those sweet carriages. Sitting inside are very quite, composed riders. You can see when you look at their faces, their thoughts are miles away as they make their way through town or down the lanes. It is in a way a poetry in motion of its own. I could have sat and watched that similar scene over and over again. 

As we spent some time at the produce auction, we watched the barefooted little boys in their straw hats and their blue shirts as they downed cans of Coca Cola.

The teen-aged boys huddled in a back corner off to the side. And I bet you money they somehow talked about girls in those hushed tones. The women in their dresses stayed together and at the other side the of the building while minding the little ones.

As we drove down dirt roads and past their homes it was laundry day. Wash on Monday. That made sense. Sabbath was over and it was time for a fresh new week.  Gardens needed tending, food needed preparing. What they had done before, they would begin a new. They know the drill. Season after season after season. There is something soothing about simplicity and routine. 

It got to me. “Why do we feel the need to be so busy? And why do Ineed so much stuff?” I asked myself. These people are truly of the “with food and clothing, with these we shall be content” crowd. It was inspiring. 

I don’t know about you, but the more I am around money, or those who have it, I find that I too need more.  Why? I have no idea. I have food. I have clothes. But suddenly I feel that I need that special new handbag or that condo at the beach. However, when I step away, even for a short time, like I did for a few hours to where the simple life is led, it’s amazing the perspective that comes washing over me.  These people require very little. And their lives are healthy and whole. Perfect? No. But man, there’s something to be said for the simple life.

If you find yourself stressing and straining today over the “what you don’t haves”, pause if you will and take a moment. Do you have clothes? Do you have food? Do you have a roof over your head?  If you can answer “yes” to all three of those questions, for today, I’d say you’re doing pretty good.

Just my thoughts.