Earlier this year I wrote about the continuing drama, or ensuing battle, that I seem to have going with the squirrel population in my neighborhood. Many of you may know that the little tree critters seem to love my house. I don’t know why, but time and again, they have been not simply content with dwelling near my home, they insist on finding ways to live inside it.
With that, I have now successfully, personally chased the fluffy-tailed rodents out of both my kitchen and front doors. It’s a rather surreal experience if truth be told. During my second encounter, a tree fell on my roof exposing their nest in my attic. Once the monstrosity was removed, I was content to believe I was now squirrel free. But this past spring—they were back. Critter Control and their forces were called in and they promptly trapped and hauled away the two culprits that had taken over my office. (Dancing on my computer, doing things in my chair…)
But again, this last time, I figured we’d patched all entry holes and would be rid of them soon.
While turning the corner one day onto my street, I heard something roll across what I thought was the roof of my car. It sounded like a nut and I was not the least bit surprised. But many stops and checks later, the noisemaker could not be found. In time, it sounded like nuts or bolts. Loose somewhere and rolling to the opposite end of the car each time I turned.
Finally, in desperation, I asked my mechanic to assist. He climbed in the back of my car and said, “drive me.” It was a little odd driving a man around in the back part of my SUV. I almost asked if he’d like me to lower the window so he could hang his head out, but I resisted.
When we returned to the house, he was confident he had located the culprits. Unscrewing the entire panel above the bumper, he managed to enter the secret chamber. When he called out to me to show me his find, he was laughing. I was not. In his hand he held six, very healthy nuts. My squirrels had obviously sent me a message. If you won’t let us in, we’ll find a way to leave our mark.
I have no idea how I became Snow White, but of late, I feel that birds and critters seem to just find me and stay. I can assure you, I have no plans of inviting them all back in.
With that, the squirrels that have been ousted from my abode on multiple occasions were able to crawl into the undercarriage of my vehicle in the driveway and get the last laugh. Or, maybe my mechanic did. Whatever the case…
All’s well.