People are drawn to, or are at least find that they admire, someone that stands up for what they believe it. Masking or watering down a message usually doesn’t bring about a lot of respect- for the person bringing it or the message itself in the end.
Now, there is something to be said for the idea of putting the message, like the cookies, on the proverbial lower shelf so that all who hear will find it accessible. But weakening a strong message never seems to really be effective or pay off when it’s all said and done.
For example, telling someone there is a God in heaven that loves them is nice. But if you never explain more about this God’s character, what He has done for people throughout history and more, you don’t get a clear picture. And He ends up being more of a mystery than something to honor or follow.
If you tell kids that they should practice safe sex, but never really go into detail about the possibilities of life threatening illnesses or the fact that sterility can result from their actions, they are not going to embrace the idea of being careful.
If you tell someone that our country was founded on freedom, but don’t really teach the nation of today what that really means, and why our forefathers came here and what they were trying to free themselves from, the current population just won’t understand.
A message has to be clear. Like a trumpet that carries through the sounds of an entire orchestra. Facts need to be addressed. Testimonies from those who have “been there” or “done that” need to be brought to the forefront and addressed, before they can be embraced.
If you know in your heart that there is a message that folks need to know or hear then consider this:
1. Know the history of your message. Get the facts.
2. Gather the data. Make sure you have it right.
3. Figure out how best to get the word out.
If it’s a cause worthy of being heard, then sound the trumpet. Loud and clear.
Just my thoughts.