“Would you stop?” Words we’ve all heard at some point or another. Or, perhaps words we have directed toward someone in our sphere that is continuing in a frantic pace. Busy children, friends with hectic schedules, family members with frenzied focus. Suddenly the words just seem to pop out: “Stop it. Will you? Just stop. Calm down. Chill. Rest. Ok”?
If you have ever been on the receiving end of those words, as I have, you know the embarrassed, almost flustered feeling you get when they finally sink in. You get it that you need to stop. Breathe. Rest. But…so much to be done. So much to be done. Right?
This verse seems to come round again and again to me. I would imagine that you have heard it, seen it, or may be familiar with it as well. It is from the book of Psalms and goes like this: Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Ps. 46:10
Hmmmm. Hard to believe God doesn’t need me to be busy today. To save the world. But alas, I guess he managed pretty well before me, and (sigh) hard to believe He will manage without me when I am gone. And the world will keep spinning and go on as well.
It was some research I did on the fact that even Jesus managed to tear himself away, that got my attention of late. And, I noticed He liked to get away to the water quite a bit. Like I do. One of His favorite places was on the north end of the Sea of Galilee. Take a look:
Matt. 8:18 ¶ Now when Jesus saw a crowd around Him, He gave orders to depart to the other side of the sea.
Matt. 9:1 ¶ Getting into a boat, Jesus crossed over the sea and came to His own city.
Matt. 13:1 ¶ That day Jesus went out of the house and was sitting by the sea.
Matt. 15:29 ¶ Departing from there, Jesus went along by the Sea of Galilee, and having gone up on the mountain, He was sitting there.
Mark 3:7 ¶ Jesus withdrew to the sea with His disciples; and a great multitude from Galilee followed; and also from Judea,
Anyway. You get the idea. So, if you were debating about getting away this weekend, I say, just do it. The world and it’s inhabitants will still be there when you get back. God will still be in His heavens and He will manage to handle things pretty well while you’re away. I promise.
Just my thoughts.