Sometimes it’s the simplest of things in life that can make life better. Or, you could say, it’s the oddest or most mundane things that can surprise you and become the heroic.
She was heading out from a club. Her sister had been singing and she was there to support her and enjoy the evening. Pulling onto the freeway in her big Durango, she felt the precarious bump, bump, bump in the tires beneath that signals trouble.
Making her way over to the shoulder under the overpass, she realized, It’s 11:00 pm. I am a pregnant woman. Alone on the freeway. Not good.
Her husband had graciously remained at home watching the baby so she could enjoy the evening. As the child was sound asleep, he would not be able to leave and come to her rescue. Fortunately, her father took the call and was there in a short time.
Frantically working away, he finally got her up and running. As he began to pull away, she turned the key. Nothing. She tried again. But the battery would not cooperate. Once again, her car would not be taking her to safety.
Long story short, those wonderful flashing blue lights, that can strike fear into the heart of a speeding driver, appeared in her rearview mirror. Those lights felt like the arrival of the Cavalry that night to our damsel in distress.
After a quick assessment, the officer sauntered back to his car and returned with a Coke. What! she fumed to herself. You’re thirsty!? Casually, as if on cue, he twisted open the beverage and poured a bit into the cap. Odd, she thought. He then in turn poured the capful onto the corroded area of the battery.
“Start ‘er up,” he instructed. And with that, she did.
Finally, at 12:30 in the morning, she pulled away. Thanks to a bit of good ole “Co’cola”, as they say here in the South.
Now, I will tell you, I am a true Coke fan. Iced cold, if you don’t mind. But I had no idea that it could be a girl’s hero. My grandmother always reminded me of a science experiment they did in school. “We put a penny in that bottle of coke, and then one day, it was gone!” She never did much care for Coke after that.
This may not be the best method of car repair, and it could go with a disclaimer, “Please do not try this at home.” But, in a pinch, I’d say, keep that bottle of Coke in the back seat or the trunk. One just never knows.
A simple drink. Just a drop. Who knew? But I will say, it reminded me of a verse in the Bible. God, too, seems to enjoy using things we don’t think of to make a big splash in life. Check it out:
“But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;” 1 Cor. 1 :27
Just my thoughts. And, well, His. Which are always much better. But, hey.