There  truly is nothing like a Labrador Retriever. Well, to us lab owners anyway. But it may be your precious pup, or kitty, or bird, or bunny. Whatever the creature,  at some point we all find ourselves asking, “Just who owns who around here anyway? And who runs this house? Wait, don’t answer that!” We wail as we stare them down with a smirk.
As many of you know. I am a proud owner of a very lab mix. Judge has provided numerous stories for my new book, and that book and those stories prompts others to write to me and share their’s.
So today,  I couldn’t resist sharing this story that was sent to me about “Molly.” It’s  a great way to say “Happy Friday.
I slept in after working a very late night and came around the corner to find my most precious Lab sprawled out on MY couch!  Our eyes locking–we both froze.  At this point not knowing what the other would do or what could happen next, Molly slowly moved towards the direction of the FLOOR. While I slowly walked behind her asking….”What Were You Thinking?”
After NO answer to that question, the only response I did receive was the gaze of those most adorable brown eyes. At which point the matter was completely dropped.  No need to go on….Her Actions upon retreat back to HER BED in the bedroom said it all.
 I still couldn’t help but laugh after it was all over.  I don’t think I saw those pretty brown eyes until about 1pm again that afternoon!  Every little moment writes a new  memory!  The Joys of owning a Labrador!  
No matter what your precious pet. We can all relate. They simply are gifts to us for sure while we have them. Enjoy yours this weekend.