If so, you’re not alone. These days, we can wear out faster than we realize. The amount of incoming messages alone can zap your energy by the end of the day. Let’s face it, these bodies and minds of ours can only take so much. I know, not a popular train of thought for the Type A’s reading this today. But truth none the less.
So this poem caught my eye, and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. 

Dear Child, God does not say today, “Be strong;”

He knows your strength is spent; He knows how long

The road has been, how weary you have grown,

For He who walked the earthly roads alone,

Each bogging lowland, and each rugged hill,

Can understand, and so He says, “Be still,

And know that I am God.” The hour is late,

And you must rest awhile, and you must wait

Until life’s empty reservoirs fill up

As slow rain fills an empty upturned cup.

Hold up your cup, dear child, for God to fill.

He only asks today that you be still.

– Grace Noll Crowell


This poet/writer was new to me. But she must have been a busy person, to be able to pen those words.  With a few clicks, my thoughts were confirmed. Here is what I found:

In the early 1940s Grace Crowell was called “the most popular writer of verse in America.” Dale Carnegie called her “one of the most beloved poets in America.” Magazine and newspaper articles often commented on her widespread popularity, on the visitors from other parts of the United States and abroad who stopped by her Dallas home, and on her massive correspondence with grateful readers. Her husband quit his job to manage her career. She published over thirty-five books of poetry, stories for children, and poem and prose devotions. Her Songs for Courage went into twenty-five printings. In 1977 a reprint of her 1965 collection of poems appeared as The Eternal Things: The Best of Grace Noll Crowell

Yep, she was a busy gal. But she knew that her Creator didn’t demand or expect as much as the demands she probably placed on herself. Re-read the poem Grace penned. And may it bring a sigh of relief and a lowering of those shoulders that are currently up around your ears.


Just my thoughts,