It’s Gaudete Sunday. Wow. $3 prize for whoever got that word right.
For those of you new to this blog, welcome. We’ve been taking a look at Advent (the season of anticiption) this month, with a few sidebars along the way.
If Advent is a bit new to you, here’s the deal. This coming Sunday, churches and homes around the world will light the third candle in the Advent wreathe.
If you’re into colors and symbolism, the last two candles that were lit during the past two Sundays, were purple. This week? It’s a rose colored candle. (Some churches just go with blue candles I hear.) The point is, this is the JOY candle.
But, back to Gaudete. You will find that it comes from the latin phrase “Gaudete in Domino semper” translation: Rejoice in the Lord always. Thus our candle of Joy. [You Marines caught that word Semper, at least? Semper Fi = Always Faithful.] Anyway…in certain High Church environments, the priest will even change from his purple vestments of the past two weeks into rose colored ones. The church moves from a season of fasting and repentance into one of joy.
So, if you see any of these symbols or colors or wreathes this coming weekend, you will certainly feel more “in the know”. If anything, that will put a smile on your face. And if you have a moment, why not read Luke Chapter 2. If you missed the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, it’s the passage that Linus reads during the Peanuts kids’ Christmas pageant.
Just my thoughts,