For those of you that watch the Weather Channel, you were quite aware, no matter what part of the country you live in, that during the first weekend in May, Nashville recieved 3 months of rain in a 48 hour period. DownTown Flood
I will never forget turning on the TV that Sunday afternoon, only to see the subdivision where one of my Single Gal friends lived was up to the roof tops in water! I was horrified. I kept flipping the channels while saying out loud, “This can’t be right.” I placed a few frantic calls to her — but no answer.
When I did finally hear from her the next day, the worst was confirmed. She had fled her condo. Her car was a complete loss, and so was the entire first floor of her home. I was in shock. “It happened so fast!” Was all I heard all over Nashville.
Later I learned of another single gal that too lost her car and her condo. Then, news came in of yet another single gal – that lost it all.
It’s hard to hear that news. Especially when the water stopped 100 feet from my basement. You feel guilty. And you wonder why you were spared. But then I realized perhaps why: to be in a position to assist those in need. And so, with that, the Chix Chat Club is proud to present to you the SOLO SISTER’S RELIEF FUND.
If like me, you are quietly amazed and grateful that you were spared, but looking for a way to assist, perhaps this will be the venue that you choose. We look forward to assisting these ladies. We hope that if you are able, you will join us. Stay tuned. We will keep you posted in the days ahead.
or simply click on the RELIEF tab at the top of this page.
Best to you,