As some of you may know, I was scheduled to be on the show Tennessee Mornings the week of the 2010 Nashville Flood. The FOX 17 studios were filling up with water that week, so naturally, the interview was postponed. Since that time, the Solo Sister’s Relief Fund was begun.
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If you are familiar with my book: When You Grow Up and Get…Single, there is an entire section in the book dedicated to life crises and the Single Girl. It’s titled: “When Life Happens”. That section talks about the importance for single gals to have a support system in place when the storms of life come their way.
Having personally seen friends of mine lose homes and cars, it was obvious that something needed to be done. With that, I started the Solo Sisters Relief Fund. Research showed that the #1 need for folks in this time of crises was simple: Cash.
If you would like to assist these single gals, who work full time and are trying to put their lives back together in their spare time, we’d love for you to be a part. Just CLICK HERE to make your donation today. Thank you for helping them get back back on their feet. They will be most grateful, I have no doubt.
We so hope you were able to catch their show today. If you did, you probably enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed the experience. WE LOVE KELLY AND SHANE. There were not only hospitable, they are GREAT hosts!
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Stephanie was honored to have the opportunity to be a brief part of Tennessee Mornings. Hope you enjoyed it!
C U Soon!