Happy Thanksgiving!
Today, our journey series comes to a close. So, what does Nottingham have in common with the Pilgrims? The answer: Scrooby, England.
For those of you that immediately think of Robin Hood when you see Nottingham, you are not alone. But now it can ring a bell for you in regards to the Journey to Thanksgiving. Here’s the scoop.
During the 1500s, you may recall, the Catholic Church, and those who were protesting its practices (The Protestants), were battling it out in Western Europe. Apparently, a few extremists up in Scrooby, (Nottingham area) were fed up with the new Church of England, and decided it was time to leave. They wanted to worship the Lord their way. Not the way the State demanded and ordered. To them, religion was between a man and his God. Not a government mandate.
In their first attempt to slip out, they were arrested. At that time, church dissidents were not allowed to leave the country. Finally, about 1608 they managed to escape to Holland. Here they would start a new life. But in time, the poverty, the Dutch culture their children were absorbing, and other political pressures had them realizing this land too, was not their final destination.
In time, they connected with a Company that was seeking settlers willing to trek to the New World. It wasn’t part of their original plan, but after careful thought and much prayer, they began to look toward a pilgrimage to a new land and a new life.
And thus began the journey that truly led to the first Thanksgiving…