As my mother sat me down to lead us in our Christmas devotion this morning, I had no idea the thoughts that would soon flood my mind and my heart. She read the story of a clergyman who fell asleep in his study during one Christmas Day.
In his dream, he awoke and went out into the public streets only to find no Church spires, no glad tidings. No books about the Savior. Bibles he did find stopped at Malachi. He was asked to visit a weeping widow, and could offer her no comfort, as there was no gospel to read or present. He performed her funeral two days later, but no words of hope would be found. Just despair. No promise of forgiveness or heaven. Suddenly, the voices of his choir in the chapel aroused him from his dream. The sweet carols and melodies that rang out filled his heart with hope and joy. He lept from his chair ran from his study celebrating as he went that Christ had indeed come. There was joy for the world.
As my mother brought us to prayer with a closing hymn, my mind began to process this amazing thought. What if there had been no baby born in Bethlehem?White-House-Christmas-Tree,jpg
There would be no Salvation Army or it’s red-kettle bell ringers. No Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. No Handel’s Messiah with its glorious Hallelujah chorus. No church spires or steeples or church bells that ring out in the crisp morning air. No Christmas cards or twinkling lights that sparkle from trees through frosted window panes or that illuminate homes at night. No Christmas tree at the White House or at Rockefeller center. No Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. No Santa at the end of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. No Christmas parades or Christmas sales. No Christmas gifts or Advent wreathes. No Nativity scenes or Christmas Movies. No It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street or Rudolf. No Christmas sweaters or my favorite artist’s Christmas album. No Santa hats and garlands that drape and deck the halls. No stockings hung by the Chimney with care. And no Charlie Brown Christmas special with Linus reading the wonderful story of Christmas from Luke chapter 2.
There’s so much more, and I know you’ve already thought of a few. Share them with me, won’t you? Let’s make our list together, and be amazed this Christmas. And oh, so grateful that when we awoke today, we awakened to the reality that Christ has come. Rejoice!
Come back tonight. There’s something more. Do you know what happened on Christmas night about 200 years ago?
C U back here soon…