A friend asked me the meaning of the butterfly. And I recalled this blog I wrote awhile back. I thought you might enjoy it too…
Does the Butterfly Bring Us a Message?
A few weeks ago I was sitting in a glass lobby and noticed a butterfly alight on the door outside. I can’t say as I have seen that happen before. Or, if I had, not sure why this particular occasion stuck with me. A week later, as I was pulling up to a stop light, I noticed a butterfly land on the passenger side window. Again, I took notice. Since then, I have had numerous other butterfly sitings. So, I knew it was time to pull out the laptop. Perhaps it was simply Butterfly season?
As many of you may already know, the butterfly is quite symbolic to many peoples and cutltures. Apparently, the Mandarin Chinese say the insect symbolizes long life. 70 years, actually. They also feel it is telling of young men in love.
The Japanese see it as a sign for young maidens and marital bliss.
In Germany, butterflies having once hovered around the butter churn became known as “stealers of the cream”.
Greeks saw the butterfly as a symbol of the soul. They even considered white butterflies as the souls of those who had passed away and gone on to the great beyond.
In Western culture, the creature has become a symbol of Freedom.
According to a Blackfoot Indian, the butterfly brings us our dreams. A tribal member might say after the fire burns low and the people began to make up their beds about the lodge, ‘Well, let us go to bed and see what news the butterfly will bring?” Interestingly, The Native American Indians also use a cross, similar to a Maltese cross, as a sign for the butterfly.
Which brings us to the topic of the butterfly and its connection to the Resurrection in the Christian realm. I was surprised to learn that butterflies were actually engraved in the stones of many a Christian’s tomb centuries ago. A sign that the person who had, having died and entered the tomb, had now departed their earthly cocoon only to have experienced release into life eternal.
Regardless of your particular thoughts on butterflies, one thing we can all agree on is that they truly symbolize change. A massive transition. From an, earthbound groveling worm to a free-flying, creature of beauty.
In truth? I’d love to think something wonderful is heading my way. But for now, it’s enough to be reminded of the freedom I do cherish and enjoy. Both here on my native soil and the freedom that I will someday enjoy in heaven.
After I wrote that, I can tell you that I did experience a life change of sorts. And it was very good.
Just my thoughts,