It was a cold crisp day in Manhattan. Winter in the Big Apple can be really miserable when you have to walk. So, as I exited my business meeting and stepped out onto the sidewalk it was a treat to find that there was no wind, rain, or snow in sight. The only thing I was sure of was the looming Macy’s sign ahead – my next destination. Shopping! There’s just something nostalgic about that historic, nine- story department store with the wooden escalators on 34th street. A by-gone era of New York to be sure. And when I am in The City, it’s priority!
After taking a few steps, for some reason I turned my head to the right. Squeezed inbetween two buildings, and the next street over, I could see the name of a large book store chain. It was not a location on my list, but I was intrigued none the less. I realized that I did actually have a gift I needed to buy, and I could find it there, so why not give it a whirl.
Once inside I randomly headed for an information booth to begin the quest for my upcoming purchase. As the sales clerk searched the database, a young female customer approached the counter. A very hard to understand accent tried to ask in English, “Do you have any Christian books with verses?”
At that moment, I just knew. Here was a woman deep in the heart of New York looking for a Christian book, in a secular big city book store. That’s about like asking for fresh fish at Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley. When she said the word Christian, I calmly looked around to see if any Wicca members had suddenly passed out cold on the tile. But no such incidence seemed to be taking place, so I waited for her to finish. Once I caught the expected deer-in-the-headlights look from the clerk, and the wistful face of the shopper, I thought it might be OK to step in.
“Hi. I am in the Christian book industry. Maybe I can help you. They don’t have a large selection here, and I don’t know that we will find what you need, but I sure would be happy to try. Would you mind if I tried to assist you?”
An hour later, we had located two books that she could use, found information for one that she could order online once she returned home, and even managed to track down one lonely Christian bookstore in the city. To top that off, when I asked her name, she said, “Stefanie.” Well, how do you like that.
There are times when I wonder if I am in the right place and doing the right thing. Wondering if the road I have taken in life was of His doing or of my human choosing. I was actually mulling that very question over in my mind as I was walking toward that Borders bookstore that day.
Funny, God can lead me directly to a lonely soul in the heart of the Big Apple searching for truth, but I seem to feel He can’t find me or see me or meet my needs when I’m hurting. This thought truly hit me as I walked, no floated, really, out of the door of that store. I was deeply moved by all of the many details of timing that the Creator of the Universe had to bring together in order to orchestrate that haphazard meeting. And I was convicted that many times, I doubt that His eye is on me, navigating my path, guiding me along the way. Oh, me of little faith. Adventures like the one above should drive that home you’d think. At least for awhile. But alas, I tend to forget.
May we not only choose to remember, but believe in our hearts, that the One who made the spheres can certainly make them collide and interact at His bidding.
Just my thoughts,