Contrary to popular belief…Saint Patrick was not a Leprechaun who danced in clover. He was an actual son of wealthy British parents that lived over 1600 years ago. Here’s the scoop.
When Patrick was only 16, some Irish raiders who attacked his family’s estate took him prisoner. The bandits drug the lad to the Island of Ireland where he spent his captivity working as a shepherd. It was during this frightening time of isolation that he apparently discovered Christ and developed a strong faith. Legend has it that he began to have dreams of winning the Irish to Christianity.
After more than six years being held captive, Patrick made a run for it – and escaped! Believe it or not, there are actual writings of his that survived and exist to this day. He wrote of a voice, that he believed was God’s. It spoke to him in a dream, telling him it was time to leave Ireland. And so he high tailed it out of there.
Patrick traveled nearly 200 miles on foot from County Mayo to the Irish coast. Once he arrived back in Britain, he recorded a second vision. This time an angel appeared to him in a dream. This immortal being told him to return to Ireland from where he had just escaped, and to go there this time as a missionary! Hard to imagine it, but he did just. Yet not right away.
Patrick first threw himself into studying his new faith. Fifteen years later, he became an ordained priest and was shipped off to Ireland. His mission? To encourage and serve Christians already living there and to convert the Irish.
And there you have it. When you hit that board meeting, coffee break, or water cooler today, hopefully you’ll have something new to share. Perhaps your listeners will be “green” with envy. Who knows. 🙂
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