Many of us were raised thinking that once Jesus rose from the grave, he suddenly drifted up into heaven and was never heard from again. But actually, Scripture tells a different Story.
In the book of Acts, we see that He actually stayed around for 40 more days! It’s, odd, but you don’t hear pastors preach on that much. At least I never remember that part when I was growing up. But when I did some research, I learned Jesus was quite the busy bee. Even on this first day out of the tomb, He made lots of appearances.
If you read the last chapter of each of the four gospels, (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)  you get the full scoop. But let me break some of it down for you. On Sunday, the first day alone:
1. He appears to Mary Magadelene. She is the very first person He appears to.
2. He appears to the women who were coming back to the tomb to properly finish preparing the body. They had not been able to complete the task due to Sabbath sunset setting in on Friday evening.
3. He appears to the two men walking on the road to Emmaus.
4. He then appears to the disciples in the upper room.
At some point, it mentions that He even slipped in a private appearance to Peter. Of all people that needed it, I can assure you, at that point, Peter, after denying Him three times, surely did.
Thot for today: If you had 40 days left on this earth. Who would you spend time with?
Just my thoughts,