I was playing some Chinese Checkers with some folks recently, and I will admit, it was fun. No one got bent out of shape or upset. Simply a good game and great conversation.
Some people, however, just do not like to lose. And if you watch them closely enough, in time, you will begin to see how they go to great lengths to make sure they win.
Now, in fairness, loss is not something I handle well either. But more than losing in a competition, loss can come in many different forms.
This past week, a friend of mine lost a person. Not through death. They are simply no longer a part of their life. At times like these, it’s easy to question. At least I have a tendency to do so. Interestingly, the message that keeps coming to my is this Don’t try to open a closed door. Just leave it alone. So hard. We don’t want to hear that. So, we argue with God, and question, and argue some more. Needless to say, the door, many times, does not re-open.
There’s a verse that also comes to mind. It is found in Isaiah, chapter 43 verse 18. It goes like this:
Do not call to mind the former things,
Or ponder things of the past. (NAS)

a more modern translation says it like this:
Forget about what’s happened;
don’t keep going over old history. (
The Message)
If we’re honest, most of us would admit that we struggle to let go of the past. Whether it’s our past or someone else’s. Sometimes, it’s just simply hard to move on. Perhaps it’s a grudge or a personal grievance that we feel quite justified in holding. Whatever the case, there is one piece of advice I think you’ll agree is good to not only hear, but to adhere. It goes like this: KEEP MOVING.
Basically, lose the baggage of the past or whatever is holding you back. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.
Just my thoughts,