It was a sunny morning. And as I peeked out the window, a movement caught my eye. In the driveway was a dog. Not just any pup, but the one that supposedly lived across the street in one side of the duplex. People rarely if ever saw this creature, so the fact that he was lounging on my property told me immediately, this dog has been abandoned. Sure enough, the owner had disappeared into the night without a trace The sweet dog lay in his yard, and in mine, for the next two days mourning the loss, waiting for his master to return home. He never did. But let me tell you, this was the best thing that could have ever happened to this critter.

Late the second day, I was able to coax the little guy up to my porch. I laid out the dog bed left behind by my sweet Judge and the cutie took to it in time. The neighbors had pulled together keeping him fed and watered, and after a bit, I got him in my back yard and onto the deck so he’d be safe and sound.

But there was a problem. Zeus, as a lady who lived near the duplex informed me of his name, looked like a pitbull. And I truly thought he was. In time, Animal Control was called, but the crafty canine alluded them. It was at that point, I knew I had to act. It had been made clear that if this group catches a dog looking anything like a “Pit”, the dog is put down within about 72 hours. If that!

So move fast I did. I got online and spent hours that night trying to track down places to take the dog that now had a death sentence hanging over his head. It was so unfair. No one knew this little guy…but he was doomed to die none the less. No chance. No voice. It really struck me.

Long story short, about 10 phone calls and 32 emails later, one lone sweet voice answered my plea. It was Tennessee Death Row Dogs. Their determination and networking skills connected me with Animal Attraction, in Columbia. The next day I  packed up the pooch and headed down the road.

He was a great little traveling companion, and it was hard to hand him over, but I needed to get him somewhere fast. I had a plane to catch a few hours from the drop off, and my fence was not dog friendly. He had no where else to go.

At this fabulous location, the people were welcoming and made the transition doable. I promplty gave them a donation. I was so relieved and pleased. Zeus was sent to the vet to get neutered and for a chip, and then a foster home was quickly found.

What transpired next broke my heart. The dog at the foster home (ironically also named Zeus!) and little Zeus got into it. A torn achilles was the result. Expensive surgery followed, and a cast, and now Zeus, once again, needs a nice quiet home. If you have been thinking about a dog, a foster situation is a great way to go. A place to start. No promises. No commitment. Just your loving heart to make a place for a doggie in need until a forever home is found. I’d love for you to be a part of this story. If you can join us in this great adventure, this second chance at life for Zeus, please contact me ( We will connect you with some of the BEST people you have ever met. Really!


PS: It was later determined Zeus is NOT a “Pit”. He is a BULLY/BOXER mix. 🙂


It’s people like you and me that help care for these sweet abandoned babies (Vet bills, boarding, etc). They need us. 🙂 Please make a donation on behalf of ZEUS… WE PROMISE 100% will go to this situation and those animal response teams that assisted. If you donate directly to Tn Death Row Dogs, you will receive a tax deduction. Now, doesn’t that make it worth it! Helping the innocents and a tax write off to boot!