In continuing our story…
While the Pilgrims were learning to survive in Holland, other settlers from England had already set up shop in the new world (America). At that time, the entire Eastern Seaboard was called “Virginia”. Jamestown by now was already up and running as well.
Times were tough. And things weren’t going as planned at that particular settlement. At one point, out of supplies and exhausted, the homesteaders gave up, loaded up the ships and begrudgingly began their return to England.
At the very moment they released the boats from shore, fully loaded supply ships from England came around the corner and floated into the mouth of the river. Heading right towards the weary settlers. The people saw this timing and event as the hand of the Lord. The leader on that ship, Lord De La War, exited the boat, bowed in prayer, and then walked immediately to the chapel those very Englanders had built.
That’s another ironic thing. The tradition was, if you were leaving an area, you burned down all of the buildings before you left. The chapel, in this situation, for some reason had been left standing! So…they all got off their boats, went inside and gave thanks.
There’s so many more great stories. And we will share more here in the days coming. Be sure and come back!
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