Puritans & Athiests actually have something in common.
It’s true. I was shocked when I first learned years ago that Puritans were actually anti-Christmas and successfully managed to ban or cancel it in America (and England) in the 1600’s. If you weren’t aware of this bit of history, you can do some research. I found it interesting that the Puritans beat the Athiests to the punch when it comes to protesting this holiday celebration. But oddly enough, for exact opposite reasons.
For the Puritan, Christmas celebrations were not godly enough. For the anti-religious person, however, who wants God removed from culture, their goal is to rid our world of that dreaded nativity scene and the story behind it altogether.
Some other trivia, in case you never got it in school:
– Pilgrims and Puritans aren’t the same thing. Yes, they both came to America for religious freedom. And both were protestants. That’s where the similarity ends.
– Pilgrims wanted to separate from the church.
– The Puritans wanted to “purify” the church. (Make it better. More holy…etc.) Big difference.
– Christmas wasn’t declared a federal holiday in America until June 26, 1870 (after the Civil War.)
With that, the war on Christmas that we are hearing about of late, isn’t new. But the reasons behind it are at extreme odds. Whatever your take on Christmas, it was around before us, and I would imagine it will outlast each and every one of us, regardless of what we believe or how we choose, or choose not…to celebrate.
Handle’s Messiah will still be a cherished classic among musicians, kids will still enjoy A Charlie Brown Christmas (if they’re allowed to watch it!), and the Bible and Luke Chapter 2, will still be around when we’re long gone as well.
In all, I guess anything we are passionate about, whatever our beliefs, is worth fighting for…it it brings about peace, joy and goodwill among men, that is.
Just my thoughts,