The season of Anticipation is just about to hit a high note. This Sunday, we will finally light that pink candle in the wreathe that you may have been looking at and wondering about. It’s known as the angels‘ candle, symbolising the angelic proclamation of joy at Christ’s birth.
This season, our nation has experienced quite a bit of unexpected grief. Joy seems difficult…but look again. The JOY comes from the news. The announcement that The Messiah had finally come.
There’s one more candle we can add and light together after this Sunday. A fifth candle. You can put it in the center of your wreath, and it usually suggested that it be white. It will be the “Christ Candle”. It can be lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here! The culmination of everything we’ve been looking forward to – together. The joyful celebration that the Prince of Peace has come.