Each of us in our own way wish to show gratitude to those who have served.  Yet, when we try to express it, I am amazed how many of us so often feel our words are quite inadequate.

How do you properly thank someone who went through horrific moments because of their love and commitment to this country? How do you encourage the service man or woman who stood watch at some distant, lonely, God-forsaken locale and post. Feeling that no one knew, or cared? Or the one who served in an unglamorous or uneventful role, but one that matters and would be missed if left empty.

It’s not an easy task.

I am reminded of Clarence Soulliard. WWII. Army. He was 1 of only 3 that returned home from his unit of 200 that deployed. Just a kid from Pennsylvania. Shot in the face by a German sniper and many more amazing stories these pages can’t hold. He was blessed to return to his homeland.

My great uncle John, that signed up at the age of 40? He served the land he loved in the midst of a trying hour. He soon found himself in the Battle of the Bulge. If you aren’t familiar, you’ll want to “google” that horrid event. We are grateful he returned to us as well.

Then, the surprise of connecting with a cousin of mine later in life. Little did I know, he had served in Viet Nam. How we so long to make it right for those boys that came home at a time when many of our citizens (that they fought for) were so unwelcoming. Heartbreaking. Korean veterans understand as well. 

I am honored to claim these men as family and friends. And may they know they are loved by those of us, too, that hold this country of ours most dear.

Here’s to our Veterans. May they know, their labor was not in vain.
This Veteran’s Day– we honor you.