Presidents Day celebration

If you’ve ever seen the movie Holiday Inn, with Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire, you will recall the pair put on shows at their rural Connecticut dinner theatre each holiday. While watching the movie awhile back, I was struck by the fact they did a separate show for Lincoln’s birthday and one for Washington.
One thing most folks may not remember is that, like The Holiday Inn, our nation’s citizens used to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday and George Washington’s separately and on different days. Not combined into one, as we do today. (i.e. Presidents Day is Monday, February 17th this year.)
Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th and Washington’s actual date of birth was the 22nd. Interestingly, in the 1950’s there was a President’s Day Committee (that came out of California) whose goal was to turn the day into a celebration of merely the office of the Presidency.
We went from celebrating President Lincoln’s Day and President Washington’s Day to simply, President’s Day. Then we went to Presidents  (plural-in general) day. Clear as mud?
And there you have it. So, whether you’re off celebrating today, or if you’re at the workplace or office, you now have a bit of trivia behind all the Federal fuss. From what I hear, there are some great sales going on, too. But with the cold weather lately, I think I’ll hunker down, do a bit of remembering, and simply enjoy the day at home.
Just my thoughts. Yours?
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