Stephanie’s Music

I began singing as a child with my father. I remember sitting on the side of the bed. He would be playing his ukelele and singing a song with him. Fast forward a bit, and my grandmother took the reigns and focused on helping me learn to sing harmony.

In time, I was drawn like a moth to a flame to musical theatre and jazz. But my heart was always leaning back to the music that spoke to it the most—inspirational. Thus, my two albums. 

One is a bit jazz flavored and focuses on some songs I love and some I wrote. The second album was a tribute to hymns and gospel songs. These two projects were truly from the heart, and what I hope to be my musical legacy that I leave behind.

I grew up listening to and singing hymns, praise songs, musical theatre numbers, jazz charts, and even some bluegrass. My training was classical. So my style is a bit eclectic.


Music from the heart