I was working away this week at my desk, (well O.K., my kitchen table if you really want the truth) when a most unusual email popped up. Someone from high school was trying to locate me. It was amazing. I had not had contact with this person for, I can hardly believe I am even saying this, twenty seven years! I can’t be that old. Right?
While in school, we were both very committed and involved in our music department. The music group back then was family. And the relationships were solid.
Anyway, we connected by email within hours of her initial search, and we decided to set a phone date to catch up. We knew it would be a marathon, so we planned accordingly on both ends.
What is so unbelievable was how when picking up the phone it felt to me as if no time had passed between us. It was just as if I woke up from a long dream and picked up where we left off back when we were much younger. Everything was there. The friendship, the happy memories, the kinship.
So, what causes someone, after oh so many years, to search for you? To track you down? And where on earth did the time go? It is kind of surreal. I have blinked and my life has literally passed before my eyes.
The phone call was nothing short of therapy. Remembering the good things. Catching up. Wondering about the other kids in the group and what ever became of them. Many of whom we will never connect with again. Others that we hope to connect with at some point.
As we ended our call we both marveled at this very satisfying reunion. How does a person suddenly say one day, ” I am going to google my old friend,” and within a few hours, they find each other and reconnect. Amazing. But we both knew the answer. We have no doubt in our minds that God was in the midst of this. A divine intervention so to speak. You know how people say, “A God Thing.” For some reason, He wanted us to make contact. And He made it so easy, and so sweet.
I can say I am elated to have found this dear friend again. And so pleased to have her back in my life. Whatever that will mean. I hope we beome old ladies together…and chat our way down the golden road.
What a blessing relationships can be. Now. May I challenge you? If someone held a dear place in your heart, and if they keep coming to mind, why not give it a try? Reach out. Maybe there is something you would like to express, or explain, or perhpas it is a thank you that you would like to extend. Go ahead. Touch the past. You have no idea what joy just might be awaiting you.