OK. Let me say this now.  Please listen very carefully.

Divorced, widowed, and not-yet-married are not the same. Single. Yes. Same? No.

 If the women you spend the majority of your time with are married, and you are not, you will begin to see that on many matters and emotions, you just can not relate. Nor should you be able to.  And too, if you have not ever experienced marriage to this point, and your friends are divorced, you will not be on the same page in this area as well.

It’s not that you don’t adore the women in your life, but in time, you might come to assess a bit better that those you commiserate and share certain matters with during your week might not be the best pick. If truth be told, there might be a call for some adjustment. Point I am trying to make? Your intimate friends, those with whom you share your heart, need to include girls that are on the same wave length or at the least a similar path as yours.

Let’s be honest, do your married friends really want to hear about how you dropped everything in order to head out for dinner and a movie with your best girl pals while they were at home bathing the kids, cleaning up after dinner, and throwing in another load of laundry?  Or, better yet, how you had such a terrible day at work you are going to forego all house work or the to-dos on your list and just soak in a hot tub before retiring early? Hmmmmm.  Probabaly not. Might want to save that for your single friends.

Just some food for thought as we prepare to head into the weekend.

Talk soon.