Some people can just chalk it up to bad karma I guess.  I don’t know. But things happen. Life happens. Just because we get engaged or married, does not mean that happiness is part of the contractual agreement. This true story, relayed to me by another single friend really shocked me.

A 37-year old working girl finally met Mr. Wonderful Man.  They dated, got engaged and began planning their wedding. One day while he was at the gym Mr. Wonderful heard a loud pop in his brain.  Heading home, to do a bit of research, he went online only to discover that it was an aneurism. Walking himself immediately to the nearest hospital upon arrival, he went into comma. And died.

 This is not something we can understand or explain.  Trying to figure out why things happen or why we are single is beyond our finite minds.  This woman did nothing wrong.  And there is nothing odd about her. Circumstances happened and her journey took a very surprising path. In that same vein, Singleness is not something we can necessarily understand or explain.

 This woman, and all of the women I have introduced you to thus far are attractive, smart, talented, fun. They love life. So, don’t beat yourself up trying to figure out the formula. And don’t wear yourself out trying to plan the future.  If you want to read The Rules and Mars and Venus on a Date, do it.  But don’t continue down the path of “Why oh, Why?”  It will only drive you crazy.

 Congratulations. You have made it to the half way point of this little experiment.

I hope you will take time to review back through any of the entries you may have missed.

It’s all for you!