If you haven’t seen the movie, Cheaper By the Dozen, you should. It travels through the journey of a family with a very full house. And if you don’t remember this old saying, “With six you get egg-roll”, that became the name for a movie as well. Check out those two flicks some night. They’re just cute. And of course, what girl doesn’t love to catch My Big Fat Greek Wedding when she can. All that to say, there is just something to be said for big families. We love stories about bustling kids with mishaps and victories, harried moms and ultra cool dads. The excitement, the drama, the angst. Whatever the case. We can’t seem to get enough. For some reason, many girls grow up planning for or dreaming of that very big family. Angelina Jolie is on that track of late I would think.

If anything, I can give it to my children someday. Thus the words that exited from my single friend’s mouth when I casually asked her about the craziest purchase she made while on her dream trip through Italy and France awhile back. She had just recently told me that she didn’t see herself ever marrying by the way.  (This from a size-2 cutie pie.)


So. What exactly was my single friend’ss zaniest purchase?  “A gorgeous table cloth with matching linen napkins  — for12!  she exclaimed. (What is it with us single gals and the party of 12 thing?)

I smiled when the words about posterity slipped from the mouth of this non-married, childless beauty. But I didn’t say anything until much later. I didn’t want to lose the moment. She didn’t even catch it at the time. And, I didn’t bring it up until months later. So, I just nodded and smiled and encouraged her to talk. Why? Because that story was a reminder to me of what is inherently in us as women.  We don’t plan to grow up and get single. We just do. And if the truth be told, we plan to have families.

See you tomorrow.