I have to admit, this one can be a tough one. The new year is upon us, and well-meaning folks will head to the gymn in full force. Memberships will soar and for the first month, the treadmills and the classes will be packed.


People in search of a better lifestyle will commit to stop smoking (once again), broken relationships will receive fresh focus and attention, and legislatures across America will begin looking for new bills and laws upon which to spend and invest our tax dollars.


But about February, the energy and the enthusiasm will begin to taper off. It’s just natural. People that were making great progress will find that life has intervened, or they will get fed up and just quit. Before you know it, we’ll all fall bit by bit back into the old, comfortable routine.


Not true for some however. Each year I marvel at those that stuck to their dreams and plans. Holding on through March and April, they trudged on while the rest of us forgot exactly what those new resolves even were.  By the time you and I catch up with them in the Fall, their new goals are now seen as victories and past achievements.


Hanging tough when we don’t want to basically goes against every real bone in our bodies.  It’s nothing new, and none of us should be surprised. But for those that stick it out, the dedication and perseverance result eventually in happiness and deep fulfillment.


May I encourage each of us to think long and hard about those upcoming New Year’s resolutions that will inevitably slip into our vocabulary during the coming days. Perhaps it’s time to find an accountability partner or a like-minded teammate and create a solid plan for that passion or vision that lurks in our hearts and minds. Or maybe it’s just time to dig in and decide to hang tough.


No it won’t be easy, but you and I both know the results will be so worth the efforts.

As cheesy as it sounds, we all know this one too well:  No pain. No Gain.


Hanging tough with ya’ for 2009,