As I watched the men and women run up the stairs and into the aircraft carrier racing for the rails and their appointed stations, tears welled up in my eyes. They had been waiting patiently in their lines during all of the festivities, but when the command was finally given, they were off. Within moments, sirens would go off, bells would ring and planes would align.  This was the long awaited moment, the one where they would hear the call, “Bring the ship to life!” 


Sometimes, as singles, we stand on the pier of life waiting for that moment of moments that we feel is ours to embrace. The long awaited for chance that will finally move us ahead and bring the ship of our lives to life. For many, it is marriage. How many times have we watched others race past us time and time again, as we quietly wait for our day.  Our turn. But more than not, the call just doesn’t come. And we wonder.



If you are like me, there have been chances for many of us to take on a marriage partner. But for some reason, deep down inside, you knew it just wasn’t the right time, or the right person, or the right place.  It’s very hard to admit that, especially as the years roll by and you wonder if you should have just jumped when you had the chance. For others, perhaps you did find that wonderful someone and you set sail with them, but your shiny ship sank. And you were washed up on shore bewildered and bruised.


It’s times like these, when you sit down and ponder your future and begin to question God. 
“You do have a plan for me, right?” or “Gee, I’ve been seeking you and following.  I don’t remember rebelling.  Did  I miss something?” You begin to wonder if that still small voice that we hear about was so small you may have missed it in the clamour.


If those thoughts sound familiar to you, please know that you are not alone.  I currently have 12 friends (all girls) that have not-yet-married, that are in my personal circle of friends in my town. All over the age of 30 (and then some).  Were it not for these gals, at times, I would believe I was an anomaly.   Thanks to them, they are proof that I am not.  These chickadees are lovely girls. Attractive. Smart. Fun to be with. Great senses of humor.  Most of them cook, or at least try. They have lovely homes. And I could go on. But, we stand together on the pier. Waiting. In addition, I know some adorable gals that were divorced in their 20s. (Not what they had planned as they walked down the aisle.)


I don’t remember exactly when, but sometime ago, I realized that maybe I should just stop holding back on  those dreams or things that I thought needed marriage in order to attain or achieve. There was a moment when I discovered it would be ok if I boarded the vessel and brought the ship to life without a first mate.


No. It’s not our first preference.  Not what we planned for or dreamed about. But continuing to stand on the pier just leaves a ship without sail not to mention a very lengthy and boring wait.  My encouragement to you today, is merely this: let your heart and life set sail.  Any dreams or plans you have been holding back on until you were married, because you felt it was right thing to do? Consider moving ahead with them.  Just do it. Take the deck. Climb the stairs. And do your best to bring that beautiful ship to life. There’s a lot of world out there to see, people to meet, and adventures to experience. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time. You’ll know.


Happy sailing.