Sometimes, it is amazing to me when I realize the immense amounts of critical history that we have never heard of or read.  I was doing some brief reading and came across the name Gen. Wolfe and the story of the victory in battle that he won, but at the cost of his life.


Many of us do not recall that the French were fully entrenched in the Canadian regions. But the British were determined to take the land. 


Wolfe, sent by Britain to do the deed, led 200 ships with 9,000 soldiers and 18,000 sailors on a  risky amphibious landing at the base of the cliffs west of Quebec along the St. Lawrence River. His army, with two small cannons, scaled the cliffs early on the morning of September 13, 1759, surprising the French, who thought the cliffs would be unclimbable.  The French were defeated after fifteen minutes of battle, but when Wolfe began to move forward, he was shot three times, once in the arm, once in the shoulder, and finally in the chest. 


His men asked Wolfe if he wanted a surgeon; but he shook his head, and answered that all was over with him. 


    “See how they run.” one of the officers exclaimed, as the French fled in confusion before the leveled bayonets.


    “Who run?” demanded Wolfe, opening his eyes like a man aroused from sleep. 


    “The enemy, sire,” was the reply; “they give way everywhere.”


    “Then,” said the dying general, “tell Colonel River, to cut off their retreat from the bridge. Now, God be praised, I will die in peace,” he murmured; and, turning on his side, he calmly breathed his last.


Do you notice how this general (that was only 32 years old!) leaves this earth?  Fully confident in his mission. Content that he completed it. And, leaving it all behind in God’s hands, acknowledging His Lord, and praising Him.