As I looked down at the text, I couldn’t imagine what my friend meant. Had I left something at the restaurant or at church? Had she, once again, picked up after me? I can get easily distracted and have a tendency to walk off without a lot of things I walked in with.
“It’s a gift card,” she chirped into the phone when I called her back to inquire.
“I have this gas card, and I want you to have it.”
Little did she know I was going to be driving every day the next week to another town. And it was going to be a full tank of gas if not more. I wasn’t worried, but I knew I would have to plan for it.
“I just felt that I needed to give it to you,” she said in all earnest. ” I want to do this.”
I was so touched. This girl is not made of money in the least. She has a very tight budget. But she simply wanted to give.
The amount on the card came exactly to a full tank of gas. As I looked at the pump, I just smiled. What a blessing that friend was. And she was pleased to put that smile on my face.
Random acts of kindness. They make life so much nicer. If you’ve had something on your mind to do for a friend, may I suggest you do it. And do it today. There might be a reason that person is on your mind. And who knows, you may be meeting an unknown need.
Just my thoughts.