While waiting for my pilates class to begin, my instructor hopped by and quickly sat down to catch up. As we chatted, I could tell the woman sitting behind her was hearing bits of our conversation. I had been updating the teacher about my upcoming book and she’d asked about the title. “When You Grow Up & Get Single” I said. “I get that,” she replied to my surprise, ” I’m on my second. First one was 17 years.” Then she jumped up and headed off to prepare for class. As she started through the doors, I heard the woman that was listening in say to her, “I need that book.”
The woman and I began to chat and she confessed that she’d been married a few times herself. She was feeling a bit awkward about it. “That’s quite alright,” I assured her. “I have a friend that’s been married nine times. Yes, you heard me right. Nine. She has a book you truly want to read.”
In today’s day and age, I still marvel that no matter how many times we mess up in life, something inside of us rises that makes us willing to get up, brush ourselves off and give whatever it is another try. I guess that’s a gift. There’s no other explanation. It’s universal and most of the population has it. We just want to try and get things right. Some of us are a bit slower and take longer to catch on while others get things right the first time around.
What I wanted this gal to know first and foremost was that she was not alone. She’s not the first woman to be divorced, more than once, and she won’t be the last either. Lots of people walk down the aisle and say vows again, and again, and again. Sad, but true.
It does speak quite loudly about us humans. Something inside knows that we were not built to walk this life alone. It’s just easier with two. And a family isn’t bad either. But amazingly, many of us these days are living alone. Unmarried. But still hoping. Still looking. Still willing to give marriage a go should the “right one” come along.
If you’ve found yourself in the situation of my new friend, you might pick up the book SURVIVING MYSELF by Jennifer O’Neill. I think you’ll find it not only mind blowing (that someone can survive the life she has led) but I think you’ll find it comforting as well.
Just my thoughts.