She’s one of those friends that you can pick up months later, right where you left off. A relationship that’s like an old pair of slippers. Comfy. Worn in. For the long haul. So when she popped up on Facebook, I was pleased. As she lives states away, is pretty prominent in her community, and quite busy, our chats are by phone. It never dawned on me to connect via FB with her. But we “friended” each other, and now we’re good to go.
What I wasn’t prepared for was her first post that I now saw. She had been expecting. And was due in about three and a half months. 22 weeks along. Her husband headed out for one last guys trip with his son. But while she was relaxing floating in the pool. She began to experience signs that something was very very wrong.
Hours later, in the hospital, the doctors informed her, “We’re losing you.” She didn’t quite understand. “We have to take the baby.” But her mother’s mind in the midst of the trauma couldn’t process. “I don’t understand” was all she could say.
As the baby would not be able to live outside the womb, and as my friend’s life lay in the balance a horrible decision would be made. As her husband raced home from his trip, their greatest nightmare would unfold.
Once removed, they prepared the little body, wrapped it gently, and placed it into my friend’s arms for a first hello and a final goodbye. “What would you like to have him named on the paperwork?” they softly asked.
“Don’t laugh” she responded with a smile, “but my husband and son had taken to calling him—Spartacus.” And so it was. Spartacus Hope.
Life doesn’t always turn out the way we planned. Sometimes, we find there just are no words. But I can tell you, my friend, though grieving, sees that this baby has already touched more lives than what they ever could have imagined. His life will live on in the hearts of thousands for years to come.
So today, Jesus has a new resident. Spartacus’s mother will one day meet her precious son, and I, her friend look forward to meeting the little warrior prince as well. Face to face.
John 14:3 And Jesus said, “If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.