As I got into the car and closed the door, I suddenly noticed a very large, antennaed, green grasshopper on my left side-view mirror. Good thing I hadn’t seen it before I got in. If you know me, you know one thing well…I don’t do bugs. Truly. As I headed out to run errands, I noticed it had moved to my windshield. “Good luck,” I thought. “You’re going for a ride on the freeway!”
Sure enough, as I pulled into the bank drive through, there sat the grasshopper, still in tact. “Sheesh” I breathed out loud. “What on earth could be so special about my car?”
Pulling into the Chick-fil-a, I noticed, “Still there!” As I drove off for the freeway entrance I knew this would be the point where I would rid myself of this…thing. But I was wrong. He totally hunkered down and held on for the duration of the ride.
Arriving at my final destination, I knew it was time for some research. If this guy had managed to hang on that long, there just might be something to this. Why not grab the laptop and check out the meaning of grasshoppers. No, the symbolism of bright GREEN grasshoppers, actually. And so I did.
Apparently, the winged creatures have quite a message to tell if you’re into that kind of thing. I don’t take it too seriously, but then, he is one of God’s creations, and if God did want to get my attention, then He surely had done just that.
So here’s what I learned:
“The grasshopper is a fabulous messenger of ingenuity, resourcefulness, joy and honor. She speaks to artists, and inspires dance, song, and music.”
Hmmmm. I thought of my hopper as a guy, but you know, it could have been a girl. I read on…
“Further, the grasshopper is considered a good luck symbol in Japanese culture…and is a good luck charm as well as a symbol of fertility among Chinese symbolic language.”
Now I have to admit, the fertility part threw me for a moment. But I continued…
“The grasshopper’s coloring is significant. For instance, green grasshoppers indicate fresh starts (new beginnings), as well as the concepts of youth, rejuvination, sentimentality, nature, adventure, growth and health.”
Native Americans saw it as a messenger of good news. I liked that part. Who doesn’t look for good news!
So there you have it. The in-depth look at my grasshopper moment. If anything, that poor bug sure had an adventure that day. And if God did send “her” my way, she certainly paid a dear price to get my attention.
Just my thoughts.